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Crown molding is a popular choice in modern interior design, adding a touch of elegance to any space. It not only creates the illusion of higher ceilings but also adds visual interest to the walls. When updating a room’s paint, it’s essential to include crown molding, baseboards, and other trim for a cohesive look.

Painting Crown Molding

Painting existing crown molding is a straightforward task when done alongside wall painting. Start by painting the molding before the walls, working from top to bottom. This approach allows for easy touch-ups on the molding without affecting the walls.

Painting Window & Door Trim

Window and door trim should be painted concurrently with the walls and other trim. Before painting, inspect the surfaces for any imperfections that need repair. Smooth out holes or dents to ensure a flawless finish once painted. Detailed areas may require a brush, while smoother sections can be rolled for consistency.

Painting Baseboards

Baseboards are another essential element to consider when updating a room’s paint. Whether painting them before or after the walls, proper preparation is key to achieving a smooth finish. Thoroughly clean the baseboards and repair any damage before painting to ensure a pristine surface.

While painting trim may seem straightforward, it often requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail. If uncertain, it’s best to seek the expertise of professional painters. At Bright Wise Painting, we specialize in painting all types of trim, both indoors and outdoors. From color selection to prep work and painting, our team ensures a seamless process with minimal disruption to your home. Schedule your free virtual estimate today below.

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